Queer+ Friends of Chelsea Manning (QFCM) was set up on 2010 with the aim of raising awareness in the queer community of the case of Chelsea Manning, a 27 year old trans woman who released the “Afghan War Diaries”, tens of thousands of battlefield reports that explicitly describe civilian deaths, cover-ups, corrupt officials, collusion with warlords, US/NATO war-crimes – and the infamous “Collateral Murder” video. On 21st June 2013 she was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

We attend several Pride marches in the UK every year, if you’d like to join us or organise a Chelsea Manning entry in your own local Pride event please contact us using the email address below or send us a tweet!

Twitter: @QFChelsea

To get involved, email Oliver Shykles: 0ef0f8a8 at opayq.com

For our PGP key and proof of who we are: https://keybase.io/politicalcustard


  1. Hi guys,

    I come today to Oxford st just to see you banner.
    And in fact I didn’t knew till last night that Bradley is sharing our sense of life.
    Thanks for your appearance 🙂

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