Queer+ Friends of Chelsea Manning London Pride 2015!

We had yet another super day at London Pride this year, our fifth London Pride. We had two large banners, four placards and managed to hand out over 3,000 flyers during the march and another 1,000 afterwards. We were interviewed by several crews so hopefully we’ll get some needed coverage for Chelsea. We’ll need to head back to the printers before we head off to Trans* Pride Brighton

Thanks so much to all the lovely people who joined us on the day, to all those who have helped to fund our work and Chelsea Manning’s appeal fund.

Our fund-drive finishes on 5th July 2015 and if you’re reading this before that deadline you can donate using our StartJoin crowdfunding page here: https://www.startjoin.com/ChelseaManning

The wonderful pictures you see below were taken by the lovely @MEMSTER1 and if you use any of these images, please provide a link to his Twitter account.

Our new banner!

Lots of waiting around at the start. :(

Cool shades, cool badge!

The banner unveiling at the start line!

Vivienne Westwood inspired badges

Waiting at the start line.

The first of several interviews! Fab looking film crew!

Tintin fan is also a fan of Chelsea Manning! Great taste! :D

Great banner holding techniques!

Oxford Street, quite a lot of surprised looking tourists on this stretch! :D

This is the point where the march starts, big buzz as you come into view!

Big shouts coming from the crowds at Oxford Circus!

Coming down Regent Street from Oxford Circus

Shouting for Chelsea outside of Hamleys!

Naomi splits from the group to chat with interested onlookers!

We're very popular with photographers! ;)

Great shot of Naomi!

Regent Street

Piccadilly Circus

Big cheers at Piccadilly! Huge crowds here.

Heading down Piccadilly

Big demand for flyers!

Triplets? :D


We got amazing support from the crowds!

Coming up to Trafalgar Square - supporter's eye view!

Crowds at Trafalgar Square

Passing by Trafalgar Square

Lovely supporters!

So proud to hold our banner with LGSM!

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