Oliver Shykles of Queer+ Friends of Chelsea Manning on Resonance FM this Tuesday

Can’t wait to do this show, I’ll be on with host Anna Chen, music guru Charles Shaar Murray, and 60s countercultural hero John Sinclair.
Breaking a Butterfly on a Wheel: Modern Heroes
Guests: John Sinclair and Oliver Shykles. With Charles Shaar Murray.
What happens when the state gets nasty? A new breed of modern hero is emerging, casting light on what our “democratic” governments get up to: Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, David Miranda. 
John Sinclair, now a grand old man of the counterculture, was an early victim of the US government and who subsequently became a cause célèbre. He was a militantly politicised hippy, the manager of the MC5 and a founder of the White Panther Party. 
In 1969, he felt the full spite of the state when he was sentenced to 10 years for supplying 2 joints to an undercover narc. Only widespread protest — including John Lennon writing and recording a song, “John Sinclair” — got him an early release. 
On Tuesday, John Sinclair is in the studio alongside Oliver Shykles from Queer Friends of Chelsea Manning, who’ll be talking about Manning, Edward Snowden and why we should be wary of governments siezing extra powers. 
With tips from Oliver Shykles on how to stay private.
Breaking a butterfly on a wheel — 5.30pm TUESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER

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