Queer+ Friends of Chelsea Manning have updated our banner!

We love our new banner design! Many thanks to @somersetbean for updating this for us so quickly. We’re going to try our best to have our banner updated for Manchester Pride – which is tomorrow! More of @somersetbean’s wonderful designs can be found on his website.

Banner design credit: @somersetbean http://somersetbean.blogspot.com
Banner design credit: @somersetbean http://somersetbean.blogspot.com

And here it is IRL, all ready to make its début at Manchester Pride!


1 Comment

  1. Good show ! Well done ! and big-up the Bean for all the great graf-pix & help :))
    Be PROUD at Manchester (where i believe Chelsea Manning will continue her role as the peoples honorary Marshall, without need of the alias Bradley (except for the envelope address when writing to her in custody)
    Hey O-Ba-Ma! you OWE Chelsea, so acknowledge her as a whistle-blower (who “broke the law” on principle, for the common good) and fulfill your fine words of support for whistle-blowers with a prime action.
    (otherwise that Nobel Peace Prize you hold looks kind of….)

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