Problems faced by transgender troops in the US

A lot has been said in Bradley’s trial recently concerning his gender identity dysphoria (GID) and a couple of articles have recently been posted which are worth reading.

The first by Paris Lees editor of Meta, a digital magazine that celebrates gender diversity: Bradley Manning is a trans hero ā€“ I fear for him in prison.

In posting the article we would very much like to distance ourselves from Paris’ claim that “[Bradley’s] been successfully brainwashed judging by his recent apology and appeal for leniency.” as this shows a very poor understanding of the apology Bradley made and why he made it. There is an excellent interview on ACRONYM TV with Alexa O’Brien which helps to clarify the details behind Bradley’s very much misunderstood apology. If you’re not taken directly to the interview with Alexa, it starts exactly 19 minutes in.

The second article appears in Mother Jones, The Pentagon’s Transgender Problem –
New studies suggest that transgender civilians are twice as likely to enlist, and transgender veterans are 20 times as likely to commit suicide

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