London Pride 2013

This was our biggest London Pride yet! A huge thanks to all those who came and joined us in supporting Bradley Manning, we had a great day and handed out 4,000 flyers and 1,000 stickers to really supportive crowds. We were spotting Bradley Manning stickers on people the entire day.

We were also really pleased to debut our new Bradley Manning banner which had kindly been designed by @SomersetBean – the mother of one of our group beautifully hemmed the banner while two others hand-painted it over the course of several days, finishing at 1am on the morning of Pride itself!

Sadly, despite our best efforts, we were unable to livestream on the day, we just couldn’t get a connection to the livestream servers and we had to ditch that plan – even sending tweets with images attached proved impossible.

Those problems aside, we had a great turnout with many people promising to join us next year. All in all, a fantastic success!

Waiting for the march to begin.
Waiting for the march to begin.
Just starting off!
Just starting off!
Walking down Regent Street
Walking down Regent Street


Being interviewed
Being interviewed






















    1. Hi Ash, sorry we don’t have any plans to march at Manchester Pride. Looks like we might be going to Nottingham and Brighton Prides this year though. If you know of people who would march with us at Manchester we would definitely think about coming to Manchester next year.

      1. I know at least a dozen who have wondered, particularly after seeing the fantastic show of support for Bradley at SF Pride, whether we would be doing anything here.

        Depends on how many people you would need as a minimum – would certainly be pretty easy to marshall support from the anti-war crew here too to get the numbers up (and one could ask folks from Leeds, etc, to join us).

        I’m looking to move down South in the next 6/9 months anyway, but let me know what you think.

  1. If we can get people together (I can put shout-outs using Twitter and Facebook) we would love to do Manchester Pride. I just checked and there’s still time to apply (sorry, I had assumed it was too late, but Manchester Pride is quite late) and unlike London and Brighton Prides, it’s actually free for unfunded LGBT groups (we like this!).

    Minimum crew is 3 to hold the banner, 2 handing out flyers, 1 photographer (optional are people to do social media and livestreaming).

    I’ll fill out an application this weekend and then we can work on getting people to come!

  2. Sounds like a plan! Message me on FB if you need my email address/mobile number. Will get in touch with a few people this weekend.

  3. Not quite sure what’s happening at Nottingham yet, I met someone last night who wanted to help organise something there. It’s not clear what their deadline/cost for parade entries is but I sent them an email today asking for details. Will let you know how plans progress!

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