Bradley or Breanna? An Update

As this issue arises from time to time in online discussions we thought it useful to post a clarification from the Bradley Manning Support Network concerning the latest news on Bradley’s gender identity:

At the beginning of the [Bradley Manning Support Network’s] campaign, our Project Director Jeff Paterson asked via Bradley’s family and attorney what name he preferred, and the answer was “Brad or Bradley Manning.”  A few months ago, we asked via his attorney more specifically about the gender issue, and he responded that he “did not wish to address the gender issue publicly until he is able to get onto the next stage of his life.” – 8 May 2013

Chase Madar, author of The Passion of Bradley Manning, has also written on this issue:

What role does Manning’s gender identity have in the case and why do you call him a man when he has used the name Breanna?
He has used the name Breanna Manning on a twitter account, and experimented with crossdressing. He was evidently on the point of gender transition before he was arrested. But these facts are not sufficient to decide to call him Breanna, without clear and expressed permission from the individual in question. And Manning has not communicated on this point.
What does it mean? Some people who are not particularly sympathetic to Manning have tried to make this his motive, calling the leaks an antisocial act. But sexual identity is an important part of anyone’s personal story, even cisgendered straight guys, and we don’t explore that around their deeds.

The  position of Queer Friends of Bradley Manning is that we will always follow Bradley’s wishes so we will call him Brad, Bradley, or Bradley Manning until such time as we hear otherwise.

For background on this issue please read Bradley Or Breanna?.

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